How to Monetize or profit from a website

by Chidi

I just want to talk about the numerous ways to profit from a website. Most newbie are still baffled by the ideas of generating a real income from an online business.

When you tell them the benefits of creating a source of passive income on the internet the first question they always ask is 'so how do you get the money?' People do not yet trust the idea of online transaction they go with the slogan "seeing is believing" especially in Africa Where I come from.

So before you convince them to create their own Online Business you will need to show them the physical cash you have been able to make or at least take them through the entire process of generating money from the internet.

I started this thread by talking about online businesses, the good, the bad and how almost anybody can create real money making online business even without prior knowledge of HTML or all the website terminologies. If you want to learn more about creating a website you are free to download our Free Online Business Ebook provided you will not violate the rights.

I want to major specifically on how to profit from a website, the numerous ways you can make money from a website. Are you thinking of owning a website and wondering about the best way to create an income generating website, are you tired of all 'dem get rich quick schemes?
Learn more here about the The Good and Bad Online Businesses and how not to fall a victim to the many internet scams.

How To monetize A Website

Have you created a gigantic website that gets thousands of visitors in a day? It is advisable to only think about monetizing a website when you start getting at least a hundred visitors a day.

The first and most popular way to profit from a website is to put up google adsense. You would find google adsense on most websites. To enable adsense on your website you need to sign up with gmail and then go from there.

After signing up and being accepted, google start placing related ads on your website and you get paid for that, for more details sign up with google adsense.

Create Your Own Product

I created my first eBook for my other site in August 2011; the eBook is sold for $27.5 and converts really well. Creating your own product is one of the numerous ways to

monetize a website. The process of creating an eBook is very simple, almost anybody can do it.
You can also create an illustrative or informative video and sell it on your site, the
idea is that you can sell anything you think would appeal to your visitors.

Once you start getting lots of visitors in a day, some of them will turn out as really loyal
customers that would buy any product you put for sell. That is one of the benefits of creating a niche focused website, you can sell virtually anything that you think would appeal to your numerous visitors and they would buy them.

The last way to monetize your website is to sell it. For me I wouldn't ever likely sell any of my sites, they have the potential to make more than any amount I could consider selling them.

Sell Your Site

Yes, sell your site. An option I wouldn't likely consider but a sure way to generate quick cash. Selling your website is one of the numerous ways to profit from a website. I know a friend that sold a site for about sixty five thousand dollars after several years of real work.

There are many ways to sell a site, if you build your site with 'Site Build It' you can sell your site in the forum but I wouldn't advise you to ever sell a good site except you really needed to sell it

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How to make money from a website
by: Ray

If this is about online business in Nigeria and making money from a website I sure can join in on the discussion. I love making money from the comfort of my sitting room. I read somewhere today that to make money on the internet one would require a website or atleast some top notch product that people would be willing to buy.

Seriously I would like to know where to start. Please any advice on the most lucrative internet business in Nigerian would be welcomed, thank you

making money from a website
by: David

Hello Ray, I understand your situation perfectly because I have been at your exact spot at one time in my life. Over the years (six years precisely) I have learned so much about how the internet operate and yes you will need a product and of course a website if you want to make money from the internet in Nigeria. Our problem is that we have been so spoiled and enthused with the idea of having money fall from the sky.

Majority of the people reading this post definitely need money but lack the needed motivation to put in the required wealth creation effort

If you want to make good money doing internet business in Nigeria you might wanna check out my series of emails on Working From Home

requirement for starting internet biz in nigeria

Please I would like to start an internet business in Nigeria and I want to know the cost, what do I need to do? Do I need any start up capital? I need the whole requirement for starting and running a home based internet business in Nigeria. Thank you

Genuine ones pls
by: Anonymous

I am looking for a genuine internet business in Nigeria please what do I need to do and how should I go about it? What are the necessary steps to take. I am willing to put in the work as you said

Is it possible?
by: Anonymous

Hello, I hear that it is very hard to run an internet business in Nigeria because of our economical situation and other factors, what is your take on this?

something serious
by: Alice

I am undergraduate in a Nigerian university, I have a personal laptop and internet connection but don't really know if there is any way I could use what I have to put extra money in my pocket, Owning an online business seem like a good idea, a friend introduced me to forex trading but the business is so unpredictable, more like a gamble

I need a real online business, any help would be very much appreciated.

whether there is money in this?
by: Anonymous

Internet business in Nigeria is really becoming wide spread, a lot of people are running into it while only very few know how to turn on the cash-flow button.

where to invest
by: D

I have some amount of money with me and would really want to invest on a legitimate internet business in Nigeria, I kinda like working from the comfort of my office so I would really need your advice as to what you would call a lucrative online business that would be worth the effort put into it.

I am willing to put in the work and I know it is not gonna be any of the "get rich quick" schemes, I am tired of that one. Thanks

Starting information marketing in Nigeria
by: Fisher

Information marketing is surely one of the best way to make money online this days especially if you know what you are doing. There are lots of Nigerians that are into this already just ask around if you are in dire need of starting and running an online business. it will take just a little amount of money and you will be up and running

online business in Nigeria
by: Anonymous

For few weeks now I have watched this thread about online business in Nigeria and here is my two cents. If you are in Nigeria and you are looking for information on setting up and running a web based business you don't need to look far, everything you will ever need is right here at your fingertip. I am David Anegbu, you can subscribe to my work from home email series if you want to learn from the guru himself. All the best to u.

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