Nigerian cuisine In London...Nigeria Dishes

by Lucy

Nigeria cuisine

Nigeria cuisine

Nigeria cuisine
Nigerian cuisine
Nigerian Dishes
Nigeria Food and dish

It is now easy to get Nigerian cuisine in London England, The name of our company is "Home from Home" and we are professional in making Nigerian dishes, for private and public events, occasions, parties or weddings.

Home from Home is a developing catering business which specializes in cooking/ catering for events (depending on availability) or personal cooking request. We specializes in Nigerian dishes, we are based in London and at the moment our services are restricted within London only.
To serve fairly and give the client more value than expected...
A variety of Nigerian Dishes...please contact us on with any inquiry on our service(s) And we would attend to you Immediately.

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Nigeria Restaurants in the UK
by: Chika From UK

It would be so lovely to have Nigeria cuisine in London, it would be like bringing the Nigeria Kitchen (Mama's pot of soup) to London, giving us the ability to eat eba and Nigeria Bitter leaf Soup in central London.

I have been to lots of restaurants here in England and most of them are powerful beyond description. Please can you give me the exact address of Nigeria restaurants in the UK.

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