Why I may Not Vote For Ebele Jonathan in the Next Nigerian General Election

The Nigeria general election scheduled to hold on April 2011 is at the corner and what are you doing to put the best on the seat. We are violently hungry for a new breed of leaders, leaders with the people in mind, leaders that have the interest of the general public at heart.

We need leaders that care about the ordinary beggar on the street, we are desperate for a complete transformation or perhaps a total re-shuffling will do.

I am more concerned about the presidential election, the president is the face of the nation and we as a nation is hoping for someone that would pull us out of the rot we have already gotten into, the rot created by our almost self serving ex-leaders, we are either going to put an end to this now or God will help us.

My very strong instincts are telling me that the majority of straight-minded Nigerians are leaving Ebele for Buhari - I guess the time is ripe to put forward men for real competency instead of mare sympathy, with me included.

We are hoping for the best and we are no longer mass-motivated, we no longer sell our votes and you politicians...don't hope to buy no body... let your integrity speak for you everybody is eager for a change.

We are yearning for a transformation or maybe I should say a total cleansing. We are tired of promises not kept and even more empty promises, you would definitely agree with me on that. The time of our long expected new era should be now. We the youth are tired of being searched twice when we travel out of the country we want equal treatment and we are sure we are being treated with disdain for our own doing...we are the cause of our own predicament.

I used to have a hero, I thought he was going to save us...but Now I am scared, for all I know he might plunge us into a deeper ditch and god we may break if we are stretched any further, I thought he would know what to do and do what he knows... I thought he was our messiah but now I am having mixed feeling.

Who do you think is credible enough to lead this country, who is able to take us to the promise land or at least advance a little further.

The Nigeria general election is by the corner and the majority of the credible Nigerians are scared that the country may yet make another drastic selection. We are scared that the many who think they know the right person are simply mass motivated, they can't point what he's done to deserve the seat.

Now the question is what did he do before?? Goodluck jonathan is gunning for the first seat of power, as well as Muhammadu Buhari of CPC, Nuhu Ribadu of ACN, Pat Utomi of SDMP Dele Momodu of NCP, Ibrahim Shekarau, Akpona Solomon, Chris Nwaokobia, Chris Okotie, Ebiti Ndok and about 10 numerous others.

Now the question is - who is credible enough to stir this nation to the promise land?? If you give these men problems...all of them, who do you think would come out with a good result?? It is no secret that Nigeria is a problem yet to be solved our problem is that even those gunning for offices do not have that at the back of their mind. They foresee only the posh treatment and elegant houses already erected for them.

They lack the basic ingredients, they lack strength and staying power they get scared at the slightest surge of hassle and get thrown off-balance, then they see a situation too impossible to unravel, they foresee impossibility, then they manage to scurry by... focusing almost on nothing.

At first, we always sing their songs, we said one came from the prison to president, we said it was the finger of god, we thought he would make all things well, until he had his first year as president and his own pot-holes became almost visible, it took another seven years before we had our sigh of relief. and finally he got us into an un-imaginable rot.

The worst part is that he always finds a way to keep calling the shots but that is when frail men are in power

The Nigeria General election is by the corner, the April election is almost happening, just few days to the presidential election and I am going to vote for the man I think is credible enough. Initially I thought Goodluck Jonathan was my hero but come to think of it - What has he done?? That is what I am after, I don't care about no zoning or whatever is your origin, I care about credibility.

Abraham Lincoln once said "I know few men who if they tell me they would come to my house tomorrow and I didn't see them I would send them flowers" - men who only death can stop them from doing what they said they would do.

It is either president Goodluck Jonthan is another promise breaker or he was too frail to ascertain the full problems of Nigerian electricity before promising to make things right before December 2010 which he pushed further to the first quarter of 2011, I am guessing he is getting ready to push it yet again and to me that is not credibility. And I am pro-credibility, I don't give a damn if you are my brother or father.
I see that as a sign and I have been waiting for one reason to vote or not vote for him.
I can list 100 reasons why a GEJ presidential position will be business as usual for the corrupt elite who have decimated Nigerian beyond recognition. We have a saying "Show me your friends and I will reveal truths about your person" -

perhaps he started this journey to nowhere when he formed affinity with Baba

Maybe I would have a different opinion if this my pc is not running on a generator maybe if he had helped me get rid of this constant noise that wouldn't let me think or read for my exams - even though he did promise.

So I have been searching...looking up the list of those candidates and looking again...I have been thinking all week and I can only see one man. He may not be your choice and he may not be my brother, he is from the north and I am an easterner and yet I find him ...only him credible enough to move this country forward.

They say he is a devout Muslim and I am a devout Christian but I think...from what I hear that he is credible enough... I know this would be pushing the power back to the north but if that is the only way to save this country then I don't care! The man is not much of a noise maker, powerful but noise-less, isn't that what they say about good cars? Don't you think Muhammadu Buhari is the man we all are looking for?

All I can hear and see is his unwavering desire to curb corruption both in the past and even tomorrow, from the local government level to the peak.

Over a week now I have been thinking about that until I over-heard two Igbo merchants yesterday that said - It is either Muhammadu Buhari or nothing. Now, that is real men thinking in the same direction.

So what is your take on this??

Are you also in on this??

Do you think it is our favored Ebele Jonathan Or a credible Muhammadu Buhari??

Or perhaps you are thinking of someone else tell us??

Are you in for CREDIBILITY??

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