The Most Comprehensive and Complete Nigerian Cookbook in The World For Making Nigerian Foods

You will Learn cooking secrets, tips, and methods that you wouldn't find anywhere else on the web, guaranteed!

How would you like to make delicious looking foods with ease of mind and complete confidence?

Let me introduce you to The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook - the 156 paged full colored cookbook that would help you with making over 75 delicious Nigerian foods. Whether you are new to making Nigerian foods or you are just looking to up your ante, this cookbook is all you need.

This cookbook contains everything I have learned about foods in the last twenty years plus a little extra. The good news is that you can learn everything I know... plus a little extra... in one month or less

Whether you are a man looking to surprise your wife with a special treat or you are a wife looking to suprise your darling husband, we have hundreds of testimonies from people who have improved their cooking skill by using the Ultimate Nigerian cookbook.

You never can imagine how much "ood foods" can change the atmosphere in your home.

Inside The Cookbook

The 140 paged Nigerian cookbook features detailed recipes for making over 70 different foods that are made and eaten in Nigeria.

I thank you so much for bringing honor to my marriage. I'm two month old in marriage. I already know a little how to cook some foods but not all. You have added more knowledge to the little I know on how to make different types of foods. The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook is a bomb. My husband after eating asks me how I learnt to make his native food. The taste of my meals is now the order of the day by my sister/brother in laws staying with me. They keep saying and I quote "you are a great cook, did you go to any catering school?" I keep smiling each time they make that comment. Thanks and keep your flag flying.
Blessing Ijeoma

Discover how to make Nigerian foods with ease of mind and complete confidence

Brought to You by the number one Nigerian food blogger

My name is Chy Anegbu and I created the Ultimate Nigerian cookbook, I like to think of myself as a professional cook, I have been making Nigerian foods for the past twenty years, I know so much about simple Nigerian recipes as well as continental dishes.

We have both simple recipes for beginners and advanced recipes for pros

Over the past few years I have grown a community of like-minded folks, people that are interested in making Nigerian foods. I reach out to thousands of people daily through my website, free weekly newsletter, facebook pages, eBooks and Cookbooks.

If you really want to take your cooking to a whole new level, this is really your best option.

We have also included information for easily identifying Nigerian food ingredients and where to purchase them incase you live outside Nigeria; you will also learn how to make healthy Nigerian foods. We live in a country where junk is served as foods you will not only learn how to eliminate junk from your foods, you will also learn about junks. :D

You will learn to make different salads, such as vegetable and fruit salad, and learn how salads helps to improve your immune system.


Hello Chy, I live in the United States and I love the Nigerian cookbook. I am not Nigerian and I am not married to a Nigerian, but I have several Nigerian friends, and it is a treat for me to be able to surprise them with foods from their homeland. My family loves tomato stew, and your method of cooking tomatoes is very useful for other tomato dishes as well. Thanks for your hard work, The Nigerian Kitchen rocks!!!
April Barnes
Molalla, Oregon, USA

Inside this Cookbook you'll discover...

Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook

Do you know that most cookbooks fail for lack of proper illustration or a step-by-step guide?

Do you know that most cookbooks miss the necessary points and just confuse people?

What we offer you is a cleanly laid out Nigerian cookbook with captivating images and step by step recipes

The Ultimate Nigerian cookbook is not just one of "those books out there", it aims to guide/motivate you to not only make delicious foods, you will learn smart tips that would make your meal to stand out from the rest.

Do you lack the motivation to cook? don't worry, you will get it back.


Damisi	Odunjo Thanks Chy, I have really enjoyed this wonderful cookbook, can't thank God enough for directing me to your site,I am grateful. I thought I was good when it came to cooking, but I tried your method of egusi and I really liked the outcome, every other recipe in the book turns out fantastic. Thanks again, God bless you!
Damisi Odunjo

Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you purchased this cookbook today for any reason and discovers that The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook did not meet your need or deliver as promised, You can return the book and get a refund without hassles. Simple and short.

How To Get Book After Payment

Once you make payment either with your card or through cash deposit, Just call 08035051468/ 08157668217 or email with your address, full name and phone number. You can use the address of your office, Church, Mosque, home or even your friend's, we would deliver the Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook in 3-7 working days if you live in Nigeria and 3-4 weeks for other countries of the world.

What Rhoda Said

If you desire to make delicious Nigerian foods, buy The ultimate Nigerian Cookbook now. I got my copy already and I am really impressed with what I am seeing. Chy, most of my couleagues are in love with this cookbook so I would be contacting you for more copies. You have done a wonderful job with this book. Thanks.

What Jennifer Said

Chy, Thanks for this wonderful Nigerian cookbook. since I got a copy I have been making one delicious food after another. Most of my friends want to get their own copies and we have ordered extra three copies already. I have always wanted to try other recipes aside the one I already know. Your blog and the Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook helped me to achieve that. I am not yet married but soon, I believe I am now wife enough. lol. Even my dad is suprised that I am becoming more creative in the kitchen. He keeps asking me to make this food and that food. thanks.

What Onye Said

I proudly support the no 1 Nigerian Cookbook because it helps you with making delicious and yummy Nigerian foods. I am a lover of Nigerian foods and desires to suprise my family daily with delicious and yummy foods. This book shows me how to do that easily. I believe anybody can use this book because it is very detailed and easy to follow. If you love to make delicious foods, don't delay any more. Get your copy today and take your cooking to a new height.

What Schidi Said

This is the best cookbook in Nigeria, I love it. I am not just a fan of the Nigerian Kitchen, I have also eaten directly from the Nigerian kitchen. If you don't have this cookbook yet, you need to get it right now. I received my book on the 20th of April, all thanks to the Nigerian Kitchen. I can now make delicious Nigerian foods with this wonderful cookbook.

What Chinwendu Said

Chy, Thank you very much for this wonderful cooking book, I got my copy from David here in portharcourt and everyone in my office have been trying to steal it. If you are really looking to make delicious Nigerian foods, get this cookbook, I personally find it very easy to use, even my granny could comfortably use it.

What Kris Maulorico Said

Amazingly, I received my Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook in just two weeks after my order. I am excited to try out some recipes for the International Foods' dinner at my church. I would try as many recipes that I can find the ingredients, I would also want to teach you about American foods sometimes in the future. Kris, Utah, USA.

What Helen Said

My names are Helen Kaselouris and I live in Australia. I recieved your cookbook about 3 weeks after my order. I love your blog and cookbook, I am definitely going to start making Nigerian foods soon. I received my book on Friday and it was in perfect condition even after travelling across continents. God bless your effort!

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