Vision launchers club is a socio-economic self interest promotional non-governmental organization, created by k-tem multimedia productions based in Ondo town, ondo state.

Vision launchers club is purposely created to for the benefit of upcoming artists who are finding it difficult to realize their dream of having a musical video of their own.

We have over the years realize the difficulties of many young artists who struggle hard to get their albums done at audio level later to face perpetual hardship in video productions of such albums, we at k-tem multimedia are out to ensure the video production such artists in a free stressed manner so as to enhance the economic growth and self promotion of such artist.

With initial capital of less than thirty thousand naira only, an artist who joins vision launchers club shall have his or her video fully produced(shot, edited, packaged and copies for launching shall be mass-produced for launching purpose after with the master tape shall be handed over to the artist for further self promotion, we believe in judicious use of available resources at our disposer for maximizing our productions and enhancing members economic advancement, we monitor the entire production to launching level and also renders free advisory services to artists when they are on their own.

Meanwhile before, during and after the production, the artist is expected to carry out some responsibilities personally, with is stated in our terms and conditions for joining vision launchers club.

For further inquiry visit us at number 20 akinbobola street, off ademulegun road ondo town, ondo state.

You can also via our or call the number 08090726866. your dream shall come through as you take advantage of this opportunity.

Remember heaven helps those who help themselves, that little amount with you can change your life forever, you are the vision career, we are just here to lift the glory with you, do not allow anything to prevent your glory from shinning forth, the different between the rich and the poor is simple the zeal, take an action that will put permanent stoppage to your referring today, join vision launchers club now.


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Help for your music career in Nigeria
by: Watch Man

It is just good now that help is coming to Nigerians from all angle, although we are doing everything possible to ascertain the few that are credible and inform you about them. I realized recently that almost every Nigerian wants to improve their bank account but we lack the necessary drive that is needed to launch us into the deep. The real money is in the DEEP!

Most people are interested in Get Rich Quick schemes, nobody want to thread the gradual track (slow and steady) again. Well, here is an opportunity to Launch your vision with the VISION LAUNCHERS CLUB.

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