I am a white girl married to a Nigerian man

by brianna
(chicago, IL)

Briana's Question.
I am a white girl married to a Nigerian man from Lagos what can I do from your traditions to make it better what can I do and not do please help me.

Dale's Question in the same category.
i have been having a long distance romance with a Nigerian man, we laugh together, we tell each other we love and care about each other,we skype each other also,but he does something that i do not like which i will keep private.

how can i tell him i really do not like what he does ,now in the lasy couple of months things have changed i have to call him he very seldom will get ahold of me ,my question is ,do you think his feelings are changing for me?

He does tell me he wants me with him and he loves me,but i get the feeling he's lying to me and im thinking of ending things ,what do you think?

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Married to a Nigerian man
by: Osai

Nigerian men are just like every other men in the world and there is just no specific line or game or attitude that tends to get us excited or pleased.

just be the original you, learn to love your man and help in every way you can... when you can.

My 2 cents

My own contribution,
by: Anonymous

I am going to answer your question by putting myself in your man's position... like I am married to a white lady so the question would be - how would I want my pretty American wife to threat me?'

First, there is a lot you need to know about Nigerian men as regard to their position in the house with respect to the African setting.

The man is the head of the family (while they say that the woman is the neck) but somehow, these two can not accomplish anything if they refuse to work in oneness, One serve as the lever while the other one is the pivot (sort of).

The head serves as the mitochondria (the engine room) the processing unit, while the neck serves as the antenna, or the input unit.

Bottom line, you just need to accept that he is the head of your relationship that you answer to him.

cook good and delicious Nigerian Foods, we can help you with the tips and ideas if you really want to learn about Nigeria foods.

There is a better article here about Nigeria Men, you need to see it.

and don't fail to use the 'add comment link' below if you have more questions or if you want your image to be removed.

All About Nigerian Men
by: Anan Dave

What precisely do you want to learn about Nigerian men?

by: Anonymous

Traditional things what I need to do as a wife

marriage versus raditon
by: engr. remmy ogabi

marriage is very technical,so,let your thinking stick to being together for the rest of life. tradition is no barrier in marriage, so long as there is mutual understanding without an iota of bluff.more so, all you need do is to be totally submissive to your spouse as well as let God be the base of your marriage.

my fiance is a black american
by: jo

i am a nigerian , yoruba and my fiance is a black american from california , she doesn't really know how to cook african meals but i can teach her like she's been trying to learn stuff but she can cook continental dishes and can make good salad and barbecue which i so much love , she tells me everything and hides nothing , doesnt matter if i like it or not , she is so understanding and dont see faults in me but my ability to rise above any situation , she is supportive a, faithful and romantic ... she is beautiful and hardworking, she has the natural qualities of being a wife and a mother , you just have to be yourself in everyway , i dont know what more to say , all she has been and done make me love her the more everyday .

Dating Or Married Yoruba Men
by: David Anegbu

Ok, this page is for white girls that are either married or dating Nigerian men, especially the men from Yoruba. We have some other articles you would wanna see if you want to know a little more about your Yoruba man.

I think you need to know all there is about any man you wanna settle down with so here we go;

Here you will find a List of All Yoruba Foods, from our sister's site.

Learn more also about Other Other Nigerian Foods

So much is also coming for Yoruba Men and Nigerian men in general. David

Do u realy luv nigerian men?
by: Bobby

If u do luv him pls dnt tink ovdawise,he luv's u ok?

I need a white girl
by: Anonymous

I need a white girl as a wife. Someone help me find a good looking and decent one. I will treat her right. contact me on seecnig@yahoo.com

I am a white girl married to a Nigerian man NEW
by: david gbarane

Just rest and relax in GOD ALMIGHTY, and place all you want in HIS hands. HE'll surely provide and fix everything up for you. Now you can best cope with that, by being yourself. Even some Nigerian females who know all the how's, cannot be assured of living it out. Just chill, he still loves you, and all will be fine.

Am a 20 year old male, and I also desire to settle down with a white woman, and have all my kids with her. Here is my email for anyone who is interedted: peace.alex@rocketmail.com

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