How Nigeria Would Move Forward

by Anan

All you find on pages of newspapers are mind-boggling tales of funds stolen High level of uncontrolled impunity, misappropriation of public funds, violations of human rights, lack of due process, have I mentioned Boko Haram, the latest menace!

However, these are not even the main problem; It is not even half of the reason ♍Ɣ heart bleed for this 'once focused nation' The civilian on the streets are the only one with the right proportion of sanity to savage this country.

I am not talking about people in government I am talking about you and me, you can help fix this nation. I have made up my mind to contribute in every way I can, I have made up my mind to shout or scream when I can.

It is wrong for an adult to be at home while a she-goat deliver in bondage (Igbo Adage)

We need saving in this country or perhaps a split (if that would do us any good) It is no longer descent to be silent and stand evaporated in dismay.

I am saying no to corruption in Nigeria
I am clamouring for "Zero Corruption"

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How to curb curruption in Nigeria
by: De David

I for one completely agree with you, Nigeria is just too damn currupt and the major problem is that even the government fight innovations that are created to curb curruption. The one they cannot fight they make themselves the exception! Take the latest central bank cashless policy forinstance, government official are now excempted from that policy, while the same policy was in place to curb corruption in government. Which way do we go?

Curruption in Nigeria
by: By: Akinlolu Gabriel, Ghana

Nigerian is suffering there is no good leader in the nation,no proper government,no plan for the common citizen in the country. You can imaging a country there will be a light off for three good weeks in the whole state how can poeple make living,even there government house will be totally off....tell me what are we doing in that country. Where there is no peace for the common citizen. Nigeria is ruin totally,we need God's intervention in Nigeria to make things better.

Another thing is that Mr President Badluck Jonathan is a useless good for nothing and a corrupt President. He promised to give Nigerians stable light but he has nothing to do about the light up till now,he knows about all the corruption going on the in the country because he use to take his share of it that is why he cannot do anything about it.

We don't need a foolish man like him to rule Nigeria we need someone who can deliver and that his not corrupt like him. Infact that rate poverty in Nigeria now is really high. My prayer is that God should deliver Nigeria and give Nigerians a good leader...... Amen

There is stil hope for Nigeria
by: Bright

Nigeria has not come to the end of the rope. Though we are faced with so much troubles expecially the boco haram issue, we must not lose hope because our nation Nigeria is still better than some other nations. We just have to pray for divine intervention and trust God to help us. This is not the time to lay blames, this is not the time to spread rumour. This is time to earnestly speak positively about our dear nation and be sure that there is still hope for Nigeria and Nigerians.

you are right
by: Anonymous

I think that you are completely right. There should be zero tolerance of corruption. But remember one thing, the ruler of the country is the same as people or the country. It means that if the politicians and leaders are corrupt in the country, it is 100 % sure that the majority of the people are corrupt as well.

Good Work
by: Anonymous

Nicely presented information in this post, I prefer to read this kind of stuff. The quality of content is fine and the conclusion is fine.

I have never
by: Amelie

I have never read such quality post/article as yours, ever on the web. Your post/article is very detailed and insightful yet easy to understand. Please write more frequently for this/our community.

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