Get a highly motivational speaker.

by Oham FearGod
(Onitsha, anambra state, Nigeria)

Speaking motivates the mind, positive speaking i mean. About 60% of what you do is as a result of what you hear.

Your workers needs motivational speaking to maximize their output.
Your church members need motivational speaking to achieve their best.

Your location is not left out, they need motivating seminars, even yourself needs it. So organize seminars and invite one the best motivational speakers in Nigeria to speak. He is Oham FearGod. A man of vision and purpose, a writer and a speaker, lover of achievements. He is highly affordable. Call him 08038887174, 07035182514

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How To Stay Motivated in Nigeria - David
by: Anonymous

Yes, I really agree with this post, lots of Nigerians lack the motivation that is required to kick them into result-producing state.

There are three ways I know to get motivated,

The first is - Motivational Books

I know because I read lots of motivational books while growing up. I have seen the whole series of rich dad poor dad, I have read almost all the books written by Norman Vincent Pearl (My best Author of All time) I was literally motivated by Norman.

I read Kelvin Lehman's 'The Real You,' Principle of seed faith by Rev. Oral Roberts, I read Imitation is Limitation, I read lots of book that I couldn't even remember, I read "eat that frog" {was all about achieving more in the 24 given hours of the day, this book helps you to prioritize your daily activities and tackle them from top till bottom

After reading possibility thinking I learned that I could program my thinking to affect my future, I learned that thoughts and ideas, could actually be transformed into its monetary equivalent (Napoleon Hill's words) actually. I forgot to mention his best of all time - "Think And Grow Rich"

The message I am trying to pass across here is that there is just so much you could achieve by reading books and applying the principles to your daily life.

I am unarguably a fine product of motivational books, so on your journey to financial freedom and round-about tranquility I would suggest you read at least one good book in six months.

Another proven way to gain motivation is by listening to fine men as they speak. I often stay afloat for hours and even days after listening to men like T.D Jakes, Myles Monroe, Zilly Aggrey, Uma Ukpai and several others that I consider fine.

Words from these men helped mold the David Anegbu you know today

Another way to stay motivated is by talking yourself into it - yes, motivate your self to optimum productivity by declaring positive statement about yourself,

I learned a long time ago that it is wrong to say "I am miserable" or words like "I am poor," is a negative statement with the capacity to affect your daily life and emotion {this is actually part of the principles outlined in "Possibility thinking" by Norman Vincent Pearl.}

Like I stated initially, most men in Nigeria fail to reach their goals in life because they lacked motivation, every successful man you find on earth today at one point or another required motivation to keep the faith.

Nothing is actually easy here in Nigeria, if you keep searching for get rich quick schemes instead of putting your god-given skill to good use, Goodluck! I wish you whatever you wish yourself

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Highly motivational Speakers in Nigeria
by: Anonymous

This is good, I perfectly understand the need for motivation. We need motivation to function effectively in this country, we need God, we need the hand of God upon our leaders. Every hand should be on deck!

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