executive chef james

by james
(festac town, lagos, nigeria)

It highly fortunate that the knowledge of GOD has cover the whole earth, and people are tapping it to the fullest, even in the school of food preparation we are perfectly performing immensely to make sure that life is sweet.

HERE IS MY RESIPI FOR PEPPERED FOOD PREPARATION: it can be snail, gizzard, chicken, fish, beef, etc.

4 ball of tomato
1 ball of green pepper
1 ball of onions
1 oz of fresh pepper
1 oz of garlic clove, choped
maggi, salt to taste.

if u are using gizzard or snail dont fry it but u can fry the likes of chicken, beef, fish, prawns, shrimps, assorted meat, goat meat.

-u will first of all boild ur gizzard or snail for 10 minute, bring it down drained the water out
-set ur tomato, onions, green pepper up cube form finely cut ur garlic should be chopped down as well and ur fresh pepper blend down for good and fast preparation
-heat ur pan on fire with little oil, when it heat pour the onion first and stir, add ur fresh pepper and tomato and green pepper together and shake the pan to bring up fire and stir it well for like 1-2 minute depending on the level of the heat, pour ur garlic and it well and then pour in ur snail or gizzard and serve it hot with tooth pick

thanks for trying ur peppered dish today.

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The Best chef in Lagos Nigeria - Question
by: David

I am confused as to what you really do or the service you render that would be beneficial to the rest of Nigeria, are you some sort of a continental chef? Do you cook in ceremony or you are looking to get employed as a house cook. What do you really do? Explain in Details, we are only aware of your kitchen expertise and oblivious of your real intention

by: Mularay

Is an export-trading company registered under the companies and allied matters act of the
federal republic of Nigeria with registration number RC 1128162. We specialize in processing
and packaging of hygienically-processed African foodstuff of international standards, including
gaari, Ogbono, Egusi, Achi, pounded yam, Ginger, Snail, sheanuts/butter and consulting services.
Mularays ventures Limited deals with exportation of Nigerian agro products and solid minerals.
We offer the sales of all these products from start to finish.

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