Aluminum Fabricator And Seller In Nigeria

Searching For Aluminum Fabricator and seller in Lagos Nigeria??

Chinvicks Integrated Concepts is one of the largest alluminium profile distributor and Fabricator in Nigeria with our office at the centre of aluminum village lagos.

Are you in search of aluminum fabricator in Nigeria? We have our head office in Lagos with branches spanning across the many states of the federation, we import, sell, fabricate and install aluminum profile in all part of Nigeria. Our reputation exceeds us!

Aluminum Fabricator In Lagos

There are different kinds of aluminum windows that is purporlarly used in Nigeria, we have the sliding windows which is the most porpular type of aluminum windows in Nigeria, it is the every day sliding window you see at your windows. It is very nice and affordable.

The second is the simple casement windows, here is the images below; they are this kind of windows that has the resemblance of a flush door you push out to open and pull in to close (this is more sophisticated and costly window) used mostly in private houses or government offices.

Casement windows

Then we also have a complex casement window that comes with inner net (this is very nice also for private buildings).

If you are looking for Aluminum seller, distributor or fabrication in Lagos Nigeria, contact Chinvicks Integrated Concepts immediately we deliver on promise, we deliver in time.

We have executed so many different contracts in Nigeria and we would be happy to work until you are satisfied.

Contact company admin on 08035051468, 08157668217, 07041697128.

There are variety of windows you can choose from, we have (like I have stated above) sliding windows, casement windows shine windows, net windows.

We have decided to focus only on four aspect of Alluminium fabrication which includes
  • Fabrication of Windows of all type and sizes
  • Fabrication of doors of all kinds (including Swing doors) used in companies and restaurants
  • Showcases of all kind (both the simple and complex showcases for boutiques)
  • Partition (usually for partitioning offices

How We Work

Aluminium Partitioning You can chose to phone in your order (place a call to our office in Aluminum village, tell us what you wan,t the kind of window, sizes, preferred color and we would email you our quotation) or simple drive in to aluminum village for sight seeing and proper bargaining.

After that we commence with your work and deliver at an agreed time (depending on agreement)

Our Aluminum Shops

Aluminium Fabricators in Lagos

We also deal on the sales of different kinds of aluminums profiles ranging from casement materials, to sliding; interlock, lock-style, top, bottom. all kinds of Aluminum profiles

We have three sales outlets at aluminum village The head office is located at block B shop 5 deebo plaza alluminium Village

The second shop is located at BB11 Alero shopping complex, beside gholus close Alluminium village dopemu.

Visit that above shops in aluminium village to commence with your alluminiun job imediately.

At Chinviks Integrated Concepts we are dedicated to serving your aluminium needs till you are satisfied, we deliver on promise and definitely would continue to do so.

Hotlines : 08035051468, 08157668217, 07041697128.

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